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It's Trade Deadline Thursday! Will the Knicks do anything?

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

If you do not want to read my prattling this morning, the answer to the above question is: No, I doubt they'll do anything substantial. Maybe nothing at all.

Now let's prattle!

The deadline for NBA teams to make trades is 3 PM EST today. Rumors have been relatively quiet this week, perhaps because several teams-- Knicks included*-- made their biggest trades well before the deadline.

This page is a fantastic resource for keeping track of every major rumor thread and its most recent updates. You'll see little of the Knicks, because the Knicks are waist-deep in rubble, and have little left to offer in a deal...unless someone wants rubble. Anyone want some rubble?

Here are the few active Knicks rumors coming into today:

Goran Dragic would accept a trade to the Knicks

Dragic will be a free agent this summer, and the Knicks will surely pursue him. They could get a leg up on that pursuit-- and perhaps make the most of their eventual cap space-- by surrendering assets for him now. Of course, they do not have assets, so unless the Suns want some rubble, nothing's gonna happen on that front. Dragic's agent may just be using the Knicks in a long-term Grant Hill Maneuver to drive up his value elsewhere, but either way, this conversation will probably wait until July.

The Knicks have called about Miles Plumlee

That's the other, older Plumlee. The one on the Suns with the pretty hair. He's got one year left on his contract. He's big. He's okay. I'd be surprised to see the Knicks commit 2015 money to Plumlee, but a swap for one of the Knicks' expiring contracts isn't out of the question.

The Knicks are trying to trade Jose Calderon

We've known that for months, and Phil Jackson acknowledged it in his own way Wednesday. Calderon is decent and has a reasonable contract, but it occupies a chunk of the Knicks' future cap space, and it's clear the Knicks prefer emptiness to incumbent basketball players this summer. Doesn't sound like there are any takers for Calderon, though.

The Knicks will happily trade anyone else but Carmelo Anthony

Wanna toss the Knicks a second-rounder in exchange for one of their many expiring contracts? Take your pick.

The Knicks have an open roster spot

They'll probably wait to see who becomes free today before they fill the space vacated by Amar'e Stoudemire's buyout. If they do one of those expiring-for-pick trades or waive Andrea Bargnani after the deadline, then there's another roster spot.


This is what we've heard so far. Again, because the Knicks are just sitting and waiting amid the embers of their former team, I do not predict a significant trade. Perhaps something from that last category, if anything at all. I'll add little updates here. Big updates will get their own threads. Have a good Deadline Day! Stay hydrated!

* An interesting exercise today will be to see what teams get in exchange for players comparable to Iman Shumpert, keeping in mind that those teams will not also be foisting J.R. Smith and his contract on their trade partners.