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The Knicks traded Pablo Prigioni to the Rockets for two second-rounders

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Well, here I was millimeters away from clicking publish on a "Knicks did nothing" post when...

This hurts my heart because I love Pablo Prigioni and I wanted him and his cheap, partially-guaranteed contract to be on the Knicks next year.

However, if Phil Jackson wanted to get rid of him (which has been the rumor all along), then two second-round picks of pretty much any caliber is a nice re-- wait a second there's more:

Okay. Shved appears to be a restricted free agent, so whatever. I don't think he's any good, but the Knicks have plenty of time and latitude to find out!

Anyway, I'm sad to lose Pablo and sad he's now on a team I hate, but at least he'll get a chance to participate in the playoffs this season. It's hard to pick the little Knicks treats out of this whirlwind, but I'll add updates if there are updates (and there will be updates, because I don't think this works as just one trade. There must be another player or exception involved).

Update: These are future picks, not 2015 picks.

So that's either a Rockets or Blazers pick in 2017 and the Rockets' pick in 2019. Nice little future assets to have in pocket. No reason to start scouting non-lottery picks for this year, unfortunately.


There ya go. So it's actually two trades.