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Who should the Knicks grab out of the D-League?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Amar'e Stoudemire is gone. Pablo Prigioni is gone. Carmelo Anthony ain't walking through that door anytime soon. The New York Knicks are in need of bodies...preferably basketball-playing bodies.

I'm just going to assume that all of the NBA players currently negotiating buyouts will end up signing with contending teams, as is usually the case. Let us turn, instead, to the D-League. Here are two current prospects who could make sense in New York. Who knows: maybe one of them will turn into the next Langston Galloway.

Willie Reed

It's a fact: No Knicks team has ever won a title without a big man by the name of "Willi_ Reed." It must be fate that there is a D-League prospect named Willie Reed.

This 6'10" forward/center has produced excellent numbers during his three-year D-League career, per Basketball Reference:

Since we here at P&T are a full-service website, I went full Broussard and contacted a D-League coach to give the inside scoop on several players, including Reed.


Really athletic, good shot-blocker/rebounder. Poor touch around the rim, tries to dunk everything. A little over-aggressive as a post player

Over-complicates moves with too many spins/drop-steps. He's big and strong and should just use his power/athleticism.

He's athletically capable for the NBA, but his skill level just isn't there. Project guy.

Hey, there's nothing wrong with projects, baby! I'd prefer Reed here, as he would fill a real position of need. The Knicks don't really have much depth at the center position, and the Jason Smith/Cole Aldrich/Lou Amundson trio doesn't exactly scream "athletic rim protector."

Toure' Murry sounds vaguely familiar:

Toure' Murry has moved around quite a bit this season, spending time on the Utah Jazz roster and playing for two different D-League clubs. He has really stepped up his game since moving to the Rio Grande Valley Vipers:

He has history with the Knicks organization, but not with Derek Fisher or the Triangle Offense. Could he be worth a look?

Personally, I wouldn't mind cutting Alexey Shved and bringing Murry back for another tour of duty. He's an unselfish player and a tenacious defender. He's improved his passing and rebounding -- two things the Knicks can always use.

So what say you, gentle readers? Who would you like to bring on board?