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Introducing the Official Posting and Toasting ScoreBlocker™

Problem: You want to watch the Knicks game-- the young players getting a chance to prove themselves, the coach experimenting with his offensive scheme-- but you don't want to be constantly reminded of how bad they are at winning. With the future in mind, the score is of no interest to you. Who's counting anyway? The TV broadcast is, unfortunately, and that pesky scoreboard won't leave the bottom corner of your screen.

Solution: The Official Posting and Toasting ScoreBlocker™!!!!!


Simply print this image in a size that fits the corner of your viewing apparatus, cut it out...


... and tape or hold it over that boring, buzz-killing box on your screen!


Instead of reading dumb nonsense like which team has more points, keep an eye on the date of the NBA draft lottery and the faces of top prospects Karl Towns, Jahlil Okafor, and D'Angelo Russell (or imagine it's Emmanuel Mudiay or whoever else you like!).

Find the size that's right for you OR purchase the Official Posting and Toasting ScoreBlocker™ app (download the image on your phone, pull it up, then hold your phone in front of the screen) for MOBILE score-blocking!


Problem solved! Let's check out some testimonials:

This is definitely a very good invention that I will use all the time - Seth R.

I love my Official Posting and Toasting ScoreBlocker™! - S. Rosenthal

Whoever invented this is a genius and a very big, handsome boy. - Sneth Roserthab

Please mail $74.99 plus shipping and handling to P&T headquarters before enjoying the Official Posting and Toasting ScoreBlocker™.