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Hi, I wouldn't mind if the Knicks sign Doron Lamb

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Westchester Knicks recently traded for Doron Lamb. As is the case every time the W-Knicks add a player who I've heard of whose skill set intrigues me, I've spent the last fartoolong looking at internet things about Doron Lamb. I think he's worth a shot for the Big Knicks. I was first hooked by watching Lamb drop 27 points in his debut for Westchester over the weekend:

Some nice passes in the Triangle, some floaters off the dribble, one forceful post-up. He also got to the line a bunch. Lamb came out of college known mostly for his shooting, and he did a good job of that for the Texas Legends (32-80 in 21 games) before joining Westchester.

Lamb's shot well from outside as an NBA player (.394), too, including last season with the Magic. His stats at the highest level are hurt by poor percentages almost everywhere inside the arc (especially at the rim), and just...not much production in other categories. I'm curious about him, though, in part because both of his NBA seasons have seen him start with injuries, then carry on buried behind other young guys at his position. I'm also curious about him because I'm bored.

More Doron Lamb facts:

- Lamb is 6'4, 200 pounds, and 23 years old. In 2012, the Bucks took him 42nd out of Kentucky (where he was the second-leading scorer on a championship team with several future NBA players).

- This is Doron Lamb's ESPN profile picture:


- Today he felt sorry for these "ducks":

In closing, here are two reasons I'd like the Knicks to sign Doron Lamb: 1. He seems like he might be okay and hasn't had many NBA chances. 2. Why not?