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Final Score: Celtics 115, Knicks 94

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks really competed for a while there. Andrea Bargnani got to the line a bunch, Jason Smith vaguely resembled a post presence, guys defended for whole minutes at a time ... but then the Knicks lost because they are not a basketball team. Even less of a basketball team than the Celtics, who are also not a basketball team, are.

At least this one had a somewhat nicer rotation. Cleanthony Early got decent minutes off the bench despite a sore ankle and got some shots to drop, even if they weren't the prettiest. Alexey Shved got to spin and ... well, he got to spin. Langston Galloway hit half his shots, which doesn't happen very often, so that's something. I'm not counting his final halfcourt chuck. That's not fair.

My favorite part was when Clyde and Breen had a conversation about Lou Amundson's hometown of Boulder, CO. Breen commented on the clear air there and Clyde said "not anymore!" because they legalized weed. Those guys have seriously made this season of game-viewing tolerable by themselves. Oh, and I also liked when Jim Cleamons called Alexey Shved "Alexis." That was good.

This happened:

Feel better, Jose.

Stingy's got your recap later.