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Final Score: Knicks WTF, Pistons SMH, (LOLOT)

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Hoo-wee, that was either a good one in the worst way possible or a bad one in the best way possible. The Knicks turned what appeared to be a blowout loss into a SLUGFEST with the Pistons. Not a slugfest like a fight, but a slugfest like a bunch of slugs having a party. And then they won!

In the final seconds, Langston Galloway finished a stretch in which he totally outplayed Reggie Jackson by burying a delightfully nutsy three in Jackson's eye:

The Knicks did their best in extra time to correct the tank's wrong turn, but the Pistons are goddamn awful. They missed all the open shots and free throws and stuff they were granted, and a Lou Amundson tip-in in OT plus a big Shane Larkin finish in 2OT (and some free throws) were more than the Knicks could Knicks.

Don't fret. The Sixers won, too. And the Knicks have the twin towers -- 25 and 12 from Andrea Bargnani and a seriously brilliant 17 and 14 from Amundson -- they need for the future. And we'll always have this wonderful keepsake:

Knicks always and forever. ELEVEN WINNNNNNSNSSSNSNSNSNSNSSNSN. Full recap from Joe comin' up.