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Final Score: Nets 92, Knicks 88

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, it was a basketball game. The Knicks started their Friday night in Brooklyn by getting whooped, like whooped with a pronounced "h." They were getting hwooped. They had a solid third quarter, though, and made it a game. Not a pretty game, but a game. Dudes battled. Sometimes.

Despite Carmelo Anthony missing every damn thing and a team-wide and everyone else but Jose Calderon failing to hit open jumpers, New York had a shot in the final minute. Melo bricked a tough turn-around off a re-post, then Calderon sagged waaaay the hell off Jarrett Jack to give up the dagger three.

I take away a clean offensive performance from Calderon, some fantastic rebounding and impressive drives by Langston Galloway, and a few stretches of encouraging defense from Lance Thomas. And a loss. I'll take that, too. Joe's got your recap in a little while. Have a pleasant evening! If you've got League Pass, join me in watching Hawks-Warriors in the meantime!