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Final Score: Heat 109, Knicks 95

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Another night, another fun game the Knicks didn't win. The big story tonight was Carmelo Anthony -- ill, but moving quite well on his bad knee -- starting crazy hot (and defending weirdly well), then slowing down, then tweaking that knee on a Dirk-style jumper. He sat for good with a few minutes left, so we're left to wonder whether or not this is the long-awaited end of his season.

Other than that, we got to see some fancy high-flying blocks 'n' dunks from Amar'e Stoudemire, actual Andrea Bargnani minutes, some stretches of stout interior defense, and hecka bad shooting by all the guards. I say "hecka" now, by the way. Pretty cool.

So yeah, the tank rolls along, and the Knicks are now guaranteed a losing season. Big milestone. One more game in Orlando on Wednesday, then it's time for the All-Star break. Full notes coming up later from our friend MattRW. Have a lovely evening!