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Final Score: Warriors 125, Knicks 94

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Yeah. As expected, the Warriors pinned the Knicks to the floor and practiced wrestling moves on them for 48 minutes. New York couldn't even stop pants-pissing long enough to score 100 points and deny those bay-dwelling buttfarts their juices.

Uhhh Andrea Bargnani hit some shots from mid-range. Langston Galloway had his jumper early and stayed in front of Stephen Curry roughly one out of every five tries. Tim Hardaway shot well off the bench. Cole Aldrich filled up the box score (9 boards, 6 blocks, 5 assists) without hitting a shot! Good job everybody!

But yeah, I think my favorite part of tonight's game is that there will only be 17 more like it. Stingy's got your recap.