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Hey, what's up with Knicks draft pick Louis Labeyrie?

Roberto Serra/Iguana Press/Getty Images ask, having exhausted pretty much every other answerable question you could have about the Knicks right now. Well, Marc Berman's got answers. In what is primarily a report on how much the Knicks spent to acquire Louis Labeyrie, the gangling 23 year-old French big guy who went 57th in last year's draft ($1.5 million), Berman gets some more interesting thoughts from Labeyrie's agent and countrymen. For instance, we may see him in Las Vegas this summer:

The Knicks will only say they hope to see Labeyrie play for their summer-league team in Las Vegas in July. His agent, Bouna Ndiaye, told The Post Monday night: "It's 100 percent definite he will.''

And Rudy Gobert has kind things to say about Labeyrie (who's a few months older than Rudy):

"He wants to play in the NBA and I know he can, I don't know if it can be next season, but maybe, yeah,'' Gobert said. "I haven't talked to him about it yet. He's more of a power forward than center, though. He's not a center.
"He's athletic and can drive and can shoot. I think he'd like to be in New York. I was happy for him.''

Labeyrie's numbers for Paris-Levallois are here. He plays bench minutes, shoots threes frequently and not horribly, and grabs a couple rebounds per evening. He also appears to still be 6'10 and 200 pounds, which is like if Kevin Durant cut off one his legs.

But I digress! A 57th pick even wearing an NBA jersey would be a rare occasion indeed, but I hope we do get to see Labeyrie in Summer League. It's nice to read nice things about him. Players stashed overseas are fun. Hi Louis!