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Final Score: Knicks 104, Spurs 100 (OT)

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The tank drove into Tuesday night with open road stretching as far as the eye could see. Throughout the first half, it cruised along with minimal interruption. Then, all of a sudden, Langston Galloway, Alexey Shved, and Lou Amundson vaulted out of the woods and into the tank's treads. It was as noble an effort as I've ever seen from dudes in orange and blue.

The final score has a lot to do with the Spurs missing free throws and whiffing easy plays on crucial possessions, but it's got just as much to do with the Knicks responding. Running an offense that flowed freely between Triangle sets and more spread pick-and-roll (after a far more congested first half), New York created tons of opportunities for Galloway and otherwise slammed the ball off the backboard until Amundson put it back or someone called a foul.

...and it worked. And, as much as the Knicks needed a loss going into a tank-to-tank-back-to-back with the Wolves and Sixers, that was fun as hell. Can't get mad when the Garden's bellowing like that.

Good job, Knicks. MMiranda's got a recap coming for you later.