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Clutch-ass Langston Galloway is a one-man anti-tank weapon

Galloway's clutch shooting has secured one third of the Knicks' wins this year.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

I'm here to talk to you about numbers and facts. Let's talk about numberfacts.

Fact: The Knicks have won 12 games this long, forsaken season. They've played 58 in total.

Fact: Langston Galloway has played 21 games with the Knicks.

Fact: Langston Galloway has buried four clutch-ass threes this season. I'm not worried about a rigorous definition of "clutch" here (though you'll find Lang on that leaderboard). These four three-pointers either secured wins or prevented a loss in the final minute of close games.

On January 21 against the 76ers, Galloway scooped up the ball in the in the final shot-clock seconds of a broken play and buried a clutch-ass, fading three-pointer to put the Knicks up seven instead of four with 15 seconds left:

On January 23 against the Magic, Galloway popped out of a fun late-game set to to catch and sink a corner three that put the Knicks up six with 54 seconds left:

On February 27 against the Pistons, Galloway defended a potential Reggie Jackson dagger, then sped the other direction to drill a pull-up three to send the game to overtime, in which the Knicks would eventually win:

On February 28 against the Raptors, Galloway hit a catch-and-shoot three out of a timeout to put the Knicks up five with 13 seconds to go:

I ride the tank, but I can't be mad at one undrafted rookie D-League buddy making the big play in one third of the Knicks' wins this entire season. And again, this is a guy who joined the team in January and has participated in just 21 games. Nearly one fifth of Galloway's career games have included clutch-ass threes. He's an anti-tank weapon, firing a couple rounds at a time. Well done, Langston Galloway.