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The Thanasis Report: Dropping dunks and philosophy

Sooo many dunks.

Nick Laham/Getty Images

The nation Greece is famous for producing two -- and only two -- kinds of people: philosophers and Antetokounmpos. But those two titles are not mutually exclusive, as our man Thanasis Antetokounmpo has demonstrated.

The eldest An-titan-koumpo (see what I did there?) has developed a contemplative tone on Twitter over the past few weeks. Observe:

Not that Thanasis is spending all of his time on Twitter handing out life lessons; he is also supporting his little bro Kostas, who plays high school ball in Wisconsin:

Knicks call Kostas! He's ours! No backsies!

Oh, and Thanasis also played a bit of basketball as well. The Westchester Knicks traveled to the Dakota territories last weekend for a back-to-back against the dreaded Sioux Falls Skyforce.

3/19: 15 points (5-12 shooting) 1-5 from three, 4-4 from the stripe, eight rebounds (three offensive), three assists, one turnover, one block, four steals.

With the exception of the three-pointers, this is pretty much as close to a clean Thanasis performance as you're going to get -- impeccable stat-stuffing across the board with few crazy mistakes.

3/20: 19 points (9-17 shooting) 0-1 from three, 1-4 from the stripe, nine rebounds (six offensive), one assist, four turnovers, two blocks, two steals.

Seriously, that one-handed alley-oop tomahawk jam is worth a second look:

HAHAHAHAHA The Antetokounmpos aren't even human. They descended from Mount Olympus just to clown us mortals with dunks.

Westchester has only six games left in their season, with three of them coming at home. Go out and watch Thanasis while you still have a chance!