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Final: Grizzlies 103, Knicks 82


Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

If NBA games could actually be won by tabulating abstract concepts like "grit" and "grind," the New York Knicks might have actually stood a chance against the Memphis Grizzlies. The boys in orange and blue stunk up the joint in the first quarter, but stood tough against the rugged Memphians. They even managed to turn an early 14-point deficit into a brief third-quarter lead.

Thankfully for the tank, however, the lead was very brief. The Grizzlies are quite good at basketball, and the Knicks -- particularly with Alexey Shved on the shelf -- are quite reliant on Andrea Bargnani for scoring. Those two combustible components exploded down the stretch into a 103-82 Memphis victory.

The excitement of Ricky Ledo's MSG debut didn't really materialize on Monday night, as the former McDonald's All-American played fewer than 10 pouty, ineffective minutes despite the fact that Derek Fisher only had three guards at his disposal. If Ledo wants to know what it takes to play in the NBA, he should look no further than teammate Langston Galloway, who led the Knicks in points (19) and rebounds (7) while chipping in five assists and a steal. Gallo 2.0 even risked life and limb diving to save a bad pass in the fourth quarter after the game had already been decided. That kid can play for my Knicks any day.

Stingy will have the recap later.