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Hey, what? You'd like to listen to talk radio on your commute? Or while you do your chores? You want that talking radio to more or less be about your favorite basket sport? You want the people talking to be smart and friendly? Not too serious, not too delirious? Well have I got something for you.

Pod Strickland is a weekly Knicks-centric NBA podcast. Within Pod Strickland there will be other little audio projects to keep your ears intrigued. Hoping to get all our writers and contributors into the studios to record and entertain. Feel free to stay up to date with the Pod Strickland twitter feed or chat with us via email at

There are three core members of the weekly Podcast. Let's get to know them real quick:

Chiniqua is a prolific commenter on the blog, and a velvet voiced slice of radio cake! True blue fan of the Knicks, and a progressive thinking cool kid.

Algernon is the most surprising, evasive person I've ever met in my life. He's kind of like John Travolta in Phenomenon without the dying part. He would also never bring any of that stuff up as if you were stupid if you didn't know Portuguese.

Jon Schulman is me, and he's stingy. A tired old dog, that doesn't want to get shot at the ranch, so he pulls some weight but is mostly scavenging for leftovers and being grumpy. He plays (me plays) a ton of basketball and once scored 41 points and had one assist in a 44-39 win. Somebody should hire him as a coach.

The first off-shoot project we have, just popped out, and it's called The War Room with Posting and Toasting's own Christian Baber:

On the War Report, Christian and I developed a 14-person draft board that we thought would be good fits with regard to what the Knicks should look for with their biennial pick this coming June. We're counting up to the top spot, so keep your ears peeled for the reveals as we get all the way to the number one prospect!

Thanks for checking us out, and tuning in, feel free to subscribe on iTunes and leave us a kind-hearted review. We'd truly appreciate it. Follow those crazy kids on twitter, and manually retweet their innermost thoughts. The more listener feedback we get-- the better the show will become. So don't feel like your opinion doesn't matter! We'll always be striving to improve. Extra special thank you goes out to the grip of folks that jumped on board early. We love you all!