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Final: Clippers 111, Knicks 80


Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The best thing you can say about the Knicks' performance on Wednesday night is that they generally took their beating like men. The Los Angeles Clippers are talented, pouting bullies, and they dunked all over the Knicks for 48 minutes en route to 111-80 victory.

And, hey, the Knicks at least stood in front of those jams, as the late, great Jason Smith did in the final moment of his life before DeAndre Jordan blasted him into the sun:

Good bye, dear Jah. Songs with be sung of your sacrifice to the tank.

Speaking of Jordan, he got quite testy with a few Knicks. He earned a tech wrasslin' with Cole Aldrich under the basket, and got into a number of shouting matches with Ricky Ledo. Needless to say, Jordan got the best of that duel as well:

Ledo is developing quite a knack for jawing at far superior players. Probably not the best tactic if you want to stay in the league, buddy.

Cleanthony Early finished with a career-high 18 points, so there's that. Hopefully he breaks that mark in the last 10 games of the season. Keep on chuckin', Cle! Recap to come.