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Clippers 111111111111, Knicks 8: "This is so stupid"

Not nice. Bad karma is coming your way LA.

What can ya do?
What can ya do?
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The Clippers came out cutting the Knicks completely apart. New York had no concept of how to contain Chris Paul and it really accentuated their inability to stymie a pick and roll or to close out on shooters. The mixture of LA's ability to overwhelm a lesser opponent, plus their attitude of constantly having some macho point to prove (multiplied by the Knicks' broken spirit) led to a demoralizing and unnecessary blowout. Los Angeles provided 48 tawdry minutes of mean mugging and just a shade under five personal space encroachments per possession.

Let's bury the body...

- Chris Paul is a huge baby. He was so insistent on making his mark with assists that he ended up with nine after the first quarter. Finished with more than that. Some sort of double-double. That guy is a super prick though. He should be forced to run pick and rolls with New York's current frontline for the back end of his career. In a different city every season. None of those seasons being in New York.

He should also be forced to post a picture of his pissed and beshitted game-worn diaper on Instagram, Twitter et al after each game.

- Jason Smith and Shane Larkin have less chemistry than Britney Spears and Madonna.

- Clyde Frazier's fascination with Andrea Bargnani is indefensible, dispensable and reprehensible! The guy simply does not "have it all, folks". That very fascination is the same reason why I firmly believe Bargs will be back next season. Six points and 1 rebound for the former number one overall draft pick.

- Ricky Ledo reads screens nicely. He isn't going through the Triangle motions. Rather, he is attacking with smart footwork and popping to the open space with his feet set, prepared to shoot, pass or drive. He's still not very good, but I can imagine a Chris Copeland-esque role for him. Career high 12 points and 7 turnovers for Ricky Limelight.

- The Clippers' ability to look for quick offense and get through multiple options rapidly was devastating to a Knick team that struggles to score.

- There were some technical fouls tonight. Derek Fisher tallied his tenth technical of the season! DeAndre Jordan also got a flamingly obnoxious technical for shoving the pathetic shit out of Cole Aldrich after they got vaguely locked up going for a rebound. The Clippers, incidentally, lead the league in Technical Fouls with 51.

Los Angeles was up 39 when Jordan didn't care to be boxed out. Who could possibly care less, though? The Clippers vehemently pissed and moaned about every call to the point of slowing down the referees being able to get the ball back in play after fouls and violations. That should work perfectly in their favor come playoff time. So tacky!

- Austin Rivers had good game. Clippers are a tiresome bunch, however, and I don't care to detail his exploits. He came up gimpy for no reason at one point. Good luck with that.

- JJ Reddick was good and also not specifically obnoxious.

- Cleanthony Early had a really nice dribble pull-up on Matt Barnes. Still some hesitation in his game, but i think he could be a valuable piece of a good team some day. He had a nice sequence on defense after getting switched onto Spencer Hawes. He sort of gave him a bait-bump on a post up. It led to a predictable spin move which Cle promptly swiped and took the other way. Career high 18 points for Early. It would be wise to let him spin as much as he can handle the final ten games.

Other than that? Who gives a damn? Clippers brutalized the Knicks and looked bad doing it. Nice open dunks, guys. I was very impressed. We were all very impressed. Get lost. You don't deserve Jamal Crawford. I feel like Busta Rhymes but... There's only ten games left! Thanks to felinequickness for the title quote.

I'll leave you with a bold prediction: next year the Knicks will get better, and the Clippers will get worse. Now get lost.