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Bulls 111, Knicks 80: "Had no clue the game ended till the thread closed."

The Knicks lost again tonight. Shocking, I know.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

While watching the Knicks-Bulls game tonight, I spent some time thinking about what my recap would be like, which probably doesn't surprise you. At one point, I decided the first paragraph or two should be used to write a recap of the Kentucky-Notre Dame game instead, for funsies. But I pretty quickly decided not to do that, because neither Kentucky nor Notre Dame deserves the ignominy of being mentioned in a Knicks recap. So, instead, here's a straight recap of a game so terrible that multiple people commented in the postgame thread saying they hadn't even realized it ended. (HighFlyers28 was first, so his is the quote I chose.)

The Knicks actually started this game in a bit of a groove offensively, and by "a bit of a groove" I mean they hit 4 of their first 5 shots. Of course, the Bulls started 8/10, so it didn't help much. After that, New York went completely cold, pretty much for the rest of the damn game. They shot 4/19 in the first quarter after that 4/5 start, and finished the game shooting 38% from the field. To be honest, I'm not sure the Bulls played too great of a game. The Knicks are just really, really bad.

At the end of the first quarter, the Knicks trailed by 11 points. Had I been using The Official Posting and Toasting ScoreBlockerTM, I would have guessed they were down by twice that much. At the end of the first half, the Knicks trailed by 20 points. Had I been using The Official Posting and Toasting ScoreBlockerTM, I would have guessed they were down by three times that much. At the end of the third quarter, the Knicks trailed by 31 points. Had I been using The Official Posting and Toasting ScoreBlockerTM, I would have guessed they were down by four times that much. Point is, I really shouldn't have forgotten to use The Official Posting and Toasting ScoreBlockerTM tonight.

In the end, the Knicks lost by a score of 111-80, so at least the deficit didn't get any worse. They're now 14-60, and have officially clinched the worst record, number of losses-wise, in team history. Congrats, Knicks! You couldn't have given Clyde a worse present for his 70th birthday!

I only have a few other notes because 1) this game sucked; and 2) there are two minutes left in the UK-ND game as I type this and I really want to see the end of that game. Here they are:

- If there was anything positive at all to take from this game, it was the play of  Karl-Anthony Towns Langston Galloway. He scored only 12 points and shot only 5/14 from the field, but I thought he had a pretty good night, considering the circumstances. He was under control on offense, and didn't turn the ball over at all. 5 rebounds as well, which is basically what I've come to expect from him in that category.

- Kenny Albert mentioned early on that Langston had been picking Clyde's brain lately and asked Clyde what advice he'd given the young guard. Clyde: "I told him the main thing is confidence. Believe in yourself and work diligently." No offense, Clyde, but I really hope for Langston's sake you told him something a bit more useful. The guy could get that exact same advice from a fortune cookie.

- I'm sure Ricky Ledo's a nice guy, but he kinda sucks at basketball. Relatively, I mean. He's certainly much better than I am; I suck at basketball for real. It's funny, because I'm 6'4", so people look at me and go "Hey, you're about half a foot taller than the average adult male! I bet you're great at basketball!" Well, stranger, I hate to break it to you, but I'm awful. I can shoot okay, but I can't dribble more than like 2 or 3 times without bouncing the ball off my foot. Then again, Ricky Ledo did the same thing in the 2nd quarter tonight, so maybe I'm not so bad. See, it came full circle. I bet you thought I went on a random tangent. Anyway, he's not a good NBA player. Ah well, that's what 10-day contracts are for.

- Andrea Bargnani led the team in both points and rebounds, with 14 and 7. Only 8 games left, friends!

- Jason Smith got T'd up in the fourth quarter for stepping to Nikola Mirotic. That Jason Smith is a bold guy. I would never in a million years get in Mirotic's face. He's terrifying. I think it's the beard that scares me.

- Tony Snell has an 8-year-old brother named Darrell who met Clyde prior to the game. Clyde said he jokingly asked Darrell if he plays for the Bulls, and Darrell told him that he was a point guard. That's one witty 8 year-old. Also, his name is pronounced Darrell, so his full name rhymes. Awesome. Great job, Mama Snell.

That's all I've got. The Knicks are home for the Nets on Wednesday. Like I said above, just 8 games left. We're almost there!