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Final: Kings 124, Knicks 86

Tom Hanks was there.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks are a benevolent franchise. They are generous to visiting teams, veterans who can't play defense, and most importantly, to fans who are hoping for them to lose and increase their lottery odds.

Such was the case on Tuesday night -- Seth's birthday. I know for a fact that P&T's founder wanted nothing more than a nice, easy loss to put the New York's winning streak to rest and get the tank back on track. Well tonight the Knicks made one little boy's dream come true, and then some, with a 124-86 loss to the Sacramento Kings.

There's not much to say about this game, really. The Knicks shot roughly 3-for-a-billion from the field, and every King notched a career high in every single statistical category. They were down 44 at one point, and the MSG crowd started chanting for Tom Hanks. Shane Larkin and Alexey Shved weren't bad, I guess.

Enough about the Knicks already -- here's an inspirational video about a bald guy in a speedo saving a whale caught in a fisherman's net! The whale is the Knicks, and the bald guy in the speedo is our future draft pick. It's a metaphor, people!