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The Westchester Knicks fired their coach

Craig Hodges, the new guy
Craig Hodges, the new guy
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

As Marc Berman suggested would happen, the Westchester Knicks have canned head coach Kevin Whitted:

Berman reported Whitted hadn't been on the same page as assistant Craig Hodges, who now takes over as top dawg. Whitted was an Allan Houston guy -- his college teammate -- selected to coach a team that is supposed to be Houston's domain. They were running the Triangle, though, which is probably why a Phil Jackson guy (Hodges was a Bull) got added to that staff. And now he's in charge. Without actually knowing anything, I bet he sticks around.

I'm very curious who on the ladder is responsible for that firing! I'm not quite sure how D-League politics work vis a vis the big-league team, but this might give a hint:

This alone isn't a big deal. The W-Knicks had quite a poor inaugural season, so it's not outlandish to fire the coach. It's interesting, though. Pretty much every hire made at every level of the organization in the last year has been someone's "guy," including Derek Fisher's staff of half old Lakers bros and half old OKC bros. And Phil Jackson's front office is more or less the front office he inherited. Like, I don't think these Knicks have ever conducted a real interview. It's incumbents and buddies, top to bottom.

So, Westchester has now demonstrated how that sort of hodge(s)podge outfit can foment conflict. I hope that doesn't happen to the big Knicks!