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The sage Cleanthony Early hath spoken the motto for the end of this Knicks season

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Joe's already gone long about the Knicks' opportunity to play spoiler at least once to end the year without denting the tank. I also really love the way Cleanthony Early put it after practice today:

We might get a fun game or two to close out this season. The Knicks are tired and bummed like we are at this point, and I'm sure they'd love to piss on someone else's hopes and dreams just to feel some excitement as the calendar finally hits April. I don't even know how eager the Nets and their fans are to fall upward into the playoffs, but ... might as well mess with them.

New York's off again tonight, then they host the Nets on Wednesday and visit the Wizards and Friday, finishing the week with another tank battle against the Sixers.