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Final Score: Pacers 92, Knicks 86

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Heyyyyyyy the tank had hit some bumps lately, but it just landed a barrel roll off a damn ramp tonight. On the same night the Sixers (!) beat the Hawks and the Wolves beat the Blazers (!!?), New York played competitive game, but faltered late against the Pacers. Andrea Bargnani had been giving it to Roy Hibbert consistently from tipoff, but fouled out with a few minutes to go, and the Knicks just stopped scoring. Alexy Shved's uncanny ability to shved the defense to shveds and a little life from Shane Larkin off the bench weren't enough for New York.

This was one of those games that managed to stay close without ever really inspiring -- the Knicks kept it pretty simple and missed most of everything. They kept getting to the line, though, and actually defended for minutes at a time. And the Pacers are plenty capable of going cold by themselves, so they didn't run all the way away until the very end.

21 more games of this muck. At least tonight was useful muck. Christian's got the recap later.