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Piston 112, Knicks 98: Rest in power, '14-'15 Knicks

That's more like it.

I'll call you "rook" for the next two or three years.
I'll call you "rook" for the next two or three years.
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks challenged early and just got paced out of the game behind Reggie Jackson and Andre Drummond's consistent production. Much like the entire season, New York couldn't stop the stuff their opponent looked for. Then on offense, they were unable to find sustenance. The Knicks made a go of it in the third quarter, cutting the Piston lead to 2, but ended up down 14. That's the stuff tanks are made of.

It's been quite a year in New York. If you made it through this monstrosity, you are made of steel. You also may have lost quite a lot of blood. This is the end of the worst season in franchise history. The Knicks finish with second-worst record in the NBA, just in front of the Minnesota Timberwolves. Like fracon said in the game thread, "Rest in power '14-'15 Knicks". I could not agree more.

- Just before the national anthem, the Knicks had a player give a short eulogy thanking the fans for sticking with them despite their awful output. Young Langston Galloway got the call and he sounded like a small business owner trying to get it together in front of a loan officer. He seemed like the salutatorian of a 20 person graduation. Heck of a year for this guy, and I fully expect to see him back with the team next season.

- Quincy Acy, on the other hand, not so much. I think Acy has some good traits, and I can see him back in New York. I can just as easily see him throttling somebody in the baloncestos in the Spanish ACB. At one point he got Amar'e Stoudemized, which I found kind of startling for a second. Then I realized that this season has been over for a few months.

- Tim Hardaway did what he's been doing, but was much better at it tonight, because we lost with authority. 25 points on 12 shots. Two chances for a 4-point play and converted on one of them.

- You know what? Don't want Lance Thomas back.

- "Nothing more appalling than fashion gone awry," said Walt Clyde Frazier. You want more Clyde? How about this is "a game without pace. A quintessential Eastern Conference game."

- Worst record in franchise history. Yet, this wasn't nearly the worst Knicks team of the century.

- I didn't see it live, but it was the best part of the game.

- Lou Amundson had a classic tale of two halves. It was classic because he fastballed some jumpers straight into the backboard in either half. Both shots were within 6 feet of the hoop. Horrifying shots.

- That Greg Monroe guy didn't do too much. Strange.

- Cole Aldrich was unstoppable. 24 points and 15 rebounds in 27 minutes. I want him back. Everybody else? Not so much.

- Phil Jackson sat with Jeanie Buss tonight. They were in New York.

What else do you need to know you lunatic rascal? The Knicks lost. There are no more games! You can go home now. There is plenty of playoff basketball that will surely be interesting. It just won't be in the Garden. Thanks for sticking it out. If you're not stuck here forever, please send help.