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Basketball is dumb; who are the Knicks supporting in the NHL playoffs?

Hockey is a sport too!

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday night bore witness to the best slate of games so far in the 2015 NBA postseason. And if you think Knicks president Phil Jackson wasn't paying attention to the action, you are sorely mistaken:

Fuckin' A, Zen Daddy-O. The NHL playoffs is where it's at this spring.

Langston Galloway knows -- he's been chilling at the Garden watching Rangers games with Mariska Hargitay:

Since basketball is passe, I decided to ask several key members of the Knicks organization who they are supporting in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Their answers may surprise you.

Carmelo Anthony: "For me, it has to be the New York Rangers. I didn't know much about hockey 'til I got to MSG, but from everything I've seen they run a first-class organization over there. You ever heard of this thing call the Broadway hat? They actually give you a hat to wear after the game when you are the best player!

And here I am, bringing my own hats to postgame interviews like a sucker! I wish I played for the Rangers.

James Dolan: "I'm rooting for the Pittsburgh Penguins, all the way. I know what you're thinking: but Jimmy, you own the Rangers, right? Why would a sexy musical genius like yourself root for the team facing off against your team in the playoffs?

The answer is simple. I'm still mad at my so-called employee, Mats Zuccarello. I asked him to make sure to check out me and my boys, The Straight Shot, this summer at a blues festival in Notodden, Norway. I mean, the guy is from Norway, right? How big can it be?

So this jerk-off tells me that he might "need a reminder." Can you believe the balls? Here I am, offering him a chance to catch the greatest blues ensemble since the Eagles invented the art-form back in the '70s, and he needs a reminder? I'll give Zuccarello a reminder...after he gets eliminated by the Pens! Go Lemieux!

Steve Mills: inaudible noises

Cole Aldrich: "I've always been a big supporter of the Calgary Flames. The city really suits me. Did you know Calgary hosts the world's largest outdoor rodeo every summer? I never miss it.

I don't participate in any of the events, though...they're too commercial. Instead, I take the biggest steer I can find and wrestle it shirtless in the parking lot. After I wrestle it to the ground and snap its neck, I whisper a brief prayer to the gods of the western Plains. And I weep...oh, how I weep for all the dearly departed bulls, cows and calves of the world. They are my brothers and sisters; they are my children."

Anyway, go Flames go!

Andrea Bargnani: "The team I cheer for in these playoffs is the Toronto Maple Leafs. The good fans of Toronto were always so kind and supportive of me, and I like to keep a close eye on their favorite teams.

What's that? The Leafs didn't make the playoffs? They're still a national joke? Don't worry, Toronto, I know for a fact that they finished at the top of the BOFA Division...


That's right, you Tim Hortons-eating bitches, Il Mago never forgives. Your hockey team sucks, your basketball team gonna get swept by Randy Wittman, and the Blue Jays have the longest playoff drought in North American sports. And your boy Bargs is still rich as hell. Boo that!"