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New York Knicks Top Five Stories

Keeping you posted on the most important stories of the week for the Knicks.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

1. In the aftermath of former Knick Chris Copeland's stabbing, it seems that the New York Police Department may have seriously injured the Atlanta Hawks' Thabo Sefalosha. Dan O'Sullivan takes an in depth look at the scary story for Vice Sports.

2. Marc Berman of the New York Post wrote about the Knicks' thinking with regard to Tim Hardaway Jr. Tim finished the season effectively and may have generated some value for a team almost completely devoid of talent.

3. Professor Berman has been putting in a lot of work after speaking with Brooklyn's finest former Knick, Stephon Marbury. Marbury recently had a Chinese stamp dedicated in his honor. Stephon also took the time to talk about potential Knick draftee, Emmanuel Mudiay. I wouldn't characterize him as a "mystery", but it is nice to hear an insider's point of view. Even if that insider is a weirdo.

4. Even though the Knicks have been out of the playoffs for months, Harvey Araton felt the need to claim that now is the time to pay attention to the free agent class if you're Phil Jackson. The NBA Draft, which the Knicks need to ace, is held before free agency. I agree with old Harvey, it would be nice if all of New York's rows were in a duck.

5. Lastly, Carmelo Anthony gave some candid answers in a media availability session, and Andrew Keh takes a look at what it all means.