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Wizards 101, Knicks 87: "I love this team"

The Ledo Game! Or maybe it was the Galloway game!

Fish face
Fish face
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Ricky Ledo, el Barco de Vapor, played a masterful game and helped keep this surefire 20-point tiresome blowout squarely in the teens. Just beyond striking distance. Exactly as it needed to be. That's honestly an indictment of Washington that these slapdash Knicks were able to do some fun stuff and keep the Wizards from just wrapping it up and shutting the lights early.

This game would have been more like an 8-point difference had Cleanthony Early not sprained his ankle. Some nudnik plowed into him, though, and Cle wasn't able to return. Poor kid just can't get his season off the runway! Maybe he'll reverse the Knick-rookie curse of overachieving in year one only to completely fall apart in year two. Maybe he'll even manage to not get traded before he's eligible to enter free agency. Fuck, man. Some season we got here.

- Let's watch "Limelight" Ricky Le-do his thing:

SKKRRRR! WAMP! WET. Lots of career highs por el Barco. 21 points, 9 bounds and 3 assists in 32 minutes, 7-8 from the charity stripe. What's not to like? Next year, if he even makes the team, he'll be trapped on the bench. He might be able to slide into your box score like Shawne Williams, though.

Some first quarter notes

  • Knicks finished with ten points.
  • In the closing seconds of the first quarter, Tim Hardaway Jr picked up full court, and I thought for certain he was going to get leveled by a screen at half court. Thankfully Derek Fisher called out the pick and Tim was able to slide around it skillfully.
  • Marcin Gortat missed like 7 consecutive tip-ins after a blown whistle.
  • Andrea Bargnani missed like 9 consecutive shots over the course of the entire 12 minutes.
  • Knicks were down twenty points.
  • It seemed like the season had officially worn on too long at that point.

- Kris Humphries was in full jerk store mode tonight. At one point he took a corner three and missed, the Knicks had three defenders that let the ball drop between them, and because nobody went after the ball, Hump almost snatched it back, but barreled through two guys and got called for a foul.

At the end of the game, I'm talking the end-end, Humphries was hustling like everyone gave a shit (no one did, I assure you) he ran around body-blocking dudes and stat chasing. Then he grabbed an offensive rebound with about 6 or 8 seconds left and made an annoying dump off pass to some shmoe underneath the hoop who dunked it leaving one second left on the game clock.

Derek Fisher, like the wily basketball lifer he is, immediately called time out and forced the Wizards to think about what they had done.  That's why you changed your name from Bullets to Wizards, you corny cornballs.

- Tonight's featured artist, on this Friday night schedule loss, was some crumby pop outfit called Milky Chance. Dear the whole entire world, don't ever name your band that way. You might as well be called Dripping Bungle or Floury Urine. It's just-- look, I know you wanna be cool and be in a radical band, but I'm begging you not to. I don't like how your ideas have played out thus far.

- Yo. I got a question. What is it about  Lou Amundson that makes him get the worst foul calls? Last week he got trucked by some lunatic and it was called on him. Tonight he established position underneath to get an offensive rebound, but the ball went to the other side of the rim. Drew Gooden, ever a maniac, jumped sideways through a stationary Lou, and Amundson got tagged with the cheapie. I wonder why Lou gets such bad calls.

- Langston Galloway had a great game! Did you think I forgot? First of all, the guy had a few stellar defensive possessions on John Wall and on Bradley Beal. Just terrific effort, moving his feet keeping his arms active without reaching, contesting without jumping prematurely. Legit terrific defense.

Langston's jump shot is also starting to look a little snappier. The release is quicker and more compact, and they aren't rattling in, he's canning them! Love the work this guy has put in and the progression he's shown. Langston ended up shooting really poorly, but the stroke isn't going to work itself out mid-season in his rookie year coming out of the d-league.

- Marc Berman is not good at nicknaming:

I'm better at it. I invented "Extra E" for crying out loud. Try Limelight Ricky. Or Ricky el Barco de Vapor Ledo. Or even sex it up a little: Ricky "The Quickie" Ledo. Come on paid writer for the New York Post.

- Oh yea, John Wall had a career high in 18 assists. The Knicks whole team had 17. Who cares?

Yo. Did you see this? What about this? Yo! Did you see this one? But, yo. Did you see this? How about this? This one did you see? You saw this? Yo this one? Did you watch this? Yea I bet you did.

Toby Flenderson (and really everybody), look, what you said in the game thread... I'm right there with you. "I love this team." We'll get over the constant losing pretty easily, but you're onto something when you say "We're gonna miss this next year when they're actually TRYING to be good." I couldn't agree more. Some actual building blocks could take this team places, but the struggle should be applauded. With any luck the guys who return next season will have learned to battle. Oh, we are so close to the finish line!