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P&T Round(ball) Table: Which free agents should the Knicks keep?

The staff doesn't always agree.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Lett's forget about those playoff jokers for a moment and focus on the New York Knicks. Most of the players you've come to know and...umm, tolerate...will not be on next year's roster.

The purpose of today's P&T Roundtable is to suss out which free agents the staff would like to see re-signed and which they would like to send packing to...let's pick a country at random, say, Italy. This is only for players with no guaranteed (or partially guaranteed) deals in place for 2015-16, so don't freak out when you don't see Langston Galloway on anybody's list. Dude is coming back.

Let's play GM!

Lance Thomas

Christian Baber: Helllll No.

Matthew Miranda: Meh.

Seth Rosenthal: Somewhere between Meh and Keep. I like his defense a lot, but he showed little willingness to vary things on the other end. He doesn't look effective enough with that crusty mid-range game to be part of a fluid offense. I'd give him a chance, though.

Jonathan Schulman: Meh. Lance was one of the best at picking up the Triangle on the fly. He was also a decent team defender and a passable individual defender on all tweener-forward types. Similar to Larkin, he should be able to sop up those funky minutes that can split open a bruised rotation. He's an classic extension of the coach. Should be able to keep Fisher from overplaying starters.

Joe Flynn: Helllll No.

Andrea Bargnani

Christian:  No.

Matthew: Keep. Why? Because on a reasonable salary (i.e. not $16M a year), if he's your 8th man, he brings stuff to the table (manna from heaven and hi-jinx).

Seth: No way, not at any price. He doesn't fit. He's an ersatz star, not a guy who's ever done a single thing to convince me he could be a role player.

Jonathan: Hellll No.

Joe: Helllllllll No. The Raptors got two Atlantic Division titles out of the post-Bargs bump, and we're honestly talking about bringing this dude back? The Knicks don't have their first-round pick next year, so there's no reason to keep Il Tanko.

Alexey Shved

Christian: Helllll No. Don't be fooled.

Matthew: Meh.

Seth: Nope. Just too horrid a defender, and I don't believe he can do anything within the scheme of a real lineup where he doesn't get the ball all the time.

Jonathan: Hellllll No. Aside from the fact that the guy is a cement-footed matador defender, Shved is a pouter when he doesn't have the ball. Next year he'll be required to fizz that sucker around, therefore he'll pout. No babies, please. Not to mention his below average offensive skills.

Joe: Keep. Yeah, I guess I'll die on this hill. I hate the idea of keeping both Shved and Tim Hardaway, but I'm praying the Knicks shop Timmy this summer before he loses the rest of his rookie luster. As for Alexey, I'm just not a fan of throwing away the one guard who didn't look like crap running the offense this past season.

Shane Larkin

Christian: Helllll No.

Matthew: (long pause......deep breath) Meh. He's young enough and has enough potential that if he improves his shooting (from distance and at the rim) and learns a floater, he'd be a nice piece.

Seth: No.

Jonathan: Keep. Shane is easily one of the fastest players in the league. Combine that with his willingness to be aggressive going for rebounds and steals and he is a great guy to have soak up the tail end of your guard minutes. Similar to Tim Hardaway Jr, Larkin started to figure out how to look for scoring chances. Also, he was so bad. He'll be cheap.

Joe: Helllll No.

Jason Smith

Christian: Meh.

Matthew: Keep. Unless better options come along. In which case, "No." Which I guess means "Meh."

Seth: No, but partly because I'm just not a fan.

Jonathan: Hellll No.

Joe: Helllll No. He'll probably wind up a useful bench player on some other team. Let him. Sometimes the fit just isn't right. Also, he is annoying.

Cole Aldrich

Christian: Keep.

Matthew: Meh.

Seth: Keep. He didn't blossom like I'd hoped this year, but he'd be a fine end-of-the-bench big man.

Jonathan: Hellll No.

Joe: Keep. Ended up tied for second on the team in win shares, believe it or not.

Lou Amundson

Christian: Keep.

Matthew: Keep. It's the right move for roster depth and for lottery karma (freeze those envelopes!).

Seth: Keep. The defense is there, the rebounding is there, and the guy kinda has moves!

Jonathan: Hellll No.

Joe: Keep.

Quincy Acy

Christian: Helllll No. I like Acy's potential, but I'm not certain the Knicks are in a good position to foster his development. Great beard though.

Matthew: No.

Seth: Nope. He does a lot of stuff to hide the fact that he doesn't actually do anything.

Jonathan: Hellll No.

Joe: Helllll No.

Travis Wear

Christian: Keep. Wear led the Knicks in defensive rating and stopped LeBron in a game early in the season. I'm sold.

Matthew: Keep. I got a hunch.

Seth: Meh.

Jonathan: Hellll No.

Joe: Keep. I'd love to see Wear get some run in Westchester next season, with a possible call up later in the season. He does things I like on defense, and I think he can develop a three-point shot.

How about you?