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Final Score: Knicks 101, 76ers 91

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, if you run and leap and dive, you're gonna win some games sometimes. The Knicks fought hard against the 76ers. They beat Philadelphia to useful position and walled off their shots. On the other end, Knicks took turns picking off short jumpers against a decent defense, and they forced their way to the line as well.

Andrea Bargnani led his team with accurate shooting and as lively an approach to helping and sharing as we've ever seen from him. Thanks to Bargnani, and thanks to aggressive but efficient performances from Shane Larkin and Lance Thomas, New York's offense controlled the score.

I hope the Knicks enjoyed themselves. It's nice to win now and then. I'm not too worried -- not yet? -- about any impediment to the tank. Stingy's got the recap later.