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Andrea Bargnani's going to keep playing hurt

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Frank Isola reports Andrea Bargnani has a torn ligament in his left hand, but will keep playing:

According to a team source, Bargnani suffered a partially torn ligament in his left thumb last week. The injury to Bargnani's non-shooting hand will not prevent him from playing in the Knicks' final five games, including Wednesday at the Garden against returning star Paul George and the Indiana Pacers (34-43).

Instead, Bargnani will wear a splint to protect his finger. Bargnani played with the injury in Saturday's win over the Sixers and scored 25 points.

After another season of injuries and inefficient play, this is the kind of thing Bargnani's gotta do to keep his spot in the league. He's put together some really nice performances over the last few meaningless weeks, and I reckon at least one out of 30 teams would be willing to try him out on a little contract this summer. I just hope ... well, you know.

Good job, Andrea. I want you to be happy.