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The Knicks hung out at the NBA draft combine Thursday

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The tippy-top players of this draft class aren't at the NBA draft combine in Chicago, but the Knicks are! There is a chance they don't have a tippy-top pick after all. What follows is a collection of things said about/on behalf of the Knicks today:

First of all, here's something I didn't know about the process:

Pretty much everyone but Dad was in the building today:

Who knows where Phil was...

That means the Knicks can meet with pretty much everyone they'd consider drafting, or even trading down for, at one point or another. Nothing to read into. That said, as far as I can tell, New York's meetings today were with Frank Kaminsky, Jerian Grant, and Kelly Oubre. Plenty more to come (Christian Wood, for instance), and maybe more we didn't hear about.

Here are some totally generic things people said:

Basically, people ask the players what they think of the Knicks, and the players say "I like them," and people ask the Knicks what they think of players and they say "we like them." There is not much learned in this process. Nothing to read into. It's just nice to see some life in May.

Five days until the lottery. I'm so nervous.