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Knicks Top 5 Stories of the Week

A short list to comprehensively cover the most important stories for the second worst team in basketball this week.

Rick Stewart/Getty Images

1. Anthony Mason's High School gym was rededicated in his name on Thursday. Friends and family were on hand at Springfield Gardens for the unveiling of "Mase Court". I'm sure Anthony would extoll the virtues of hard work if he could have been there physically. A great tribute to one of New York's own, and a beloved Knick.

2. As the NBA Draft Combine gets going, plenty of Knicks brass are on hand. Sadly, two of the biggest names won't be attending. Peter Botte of the Daily News explains that this event is happening, and the dateline (Thanks, Tom Haberstroh) supplies the whereabouts of said event.

3. Even though the NBA Draft Combine is happening in Phil Jackson's old stomping grounds, Phil is not there. Seth-- I mean... we-- do a nice job rounding up some tweets and giving a nice little snapshot of what is actually happening on the ground out in Chicago.

4. Phil Jackson might not be swirling around, pluming sage alit, asking young guys about philosophical basketball ephemera but that doesn't mean too much. Phil is an old dog and his wobbly hips probably make it easier for him to look further down the road. Ian Begley writes about how much cap space the Knicks project to have.

5. In the shorter term, Monsieur Begley again, tells us about who will represent the Knicks at the NBA Draft Lottery. I'm astonished that it isn't Emmy Rossum. Spoiler alert it's one of James Dolan's favorite hood ornaments.