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Willie Cauley-Stein will work out for the Knicks on Sunday (or not?)

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The Knicks have met with a bunch more players in Chicago since Thursday, including Justise Winslow, D'Angelo Russell, and Willie Cauley-Stein. Winslow spoke to reporters about hanging out with Melo, Russell sounds exceedingly confident, and Cauley-Stein sounds irritated that everyone prefers Karl-Anthony Towns to him. It's all on video here.

Cauley-Stein will also be the Knicks' first pre-draft workout in New York. From that Post article:

Kentucky big man Willie Cauley-Stein admitted he got an ego boost when the Knicks invited him for a workout Sunday at their Tarrytown, N.Y., training facility, even before the NBA draft lottery.

The Knicks are assured a top-5 pick and most mock drafts have the 6-foot-11 sophomore defensive specialist being taken no higher than sixth.

"It's definitely intriguing,'' Cauley-Stein said at the NBA draft combine. "Anytime a team that picks that high wants you to come in and work out, it's got to perk your ears, like I'm really on their list and can be a top-5 pick."

The Knicks have done group workouts in recent years -- five or six guys at a time, mixing in higher-ranked prospects with guys whose names you've never heard. Obviously, things are different with a top-five pick in hand, so while we may still see some of those larger gatherings, you can expect some individual and head-to-head workouts as well, plus some call-backs and maybe even some secret visits.

Cauley-Stein getting a workout before the lottery happens may just be a matter of convenience, not anything indicating priority, but I'm happy he's getting serious consideration. If the Knicks end up 4th or 5th, or if they trade down like Berman keeps indicating they might, such a gifted and portable defensive big man would fill a major need. I'm interested to see if they'll pit him against other top big men like Towns and Jahlil Okafor. Mostly, I'm excited. And so nervous. Tuesday.