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The Knicks will consider trading the 4th pick, obviously

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

We knew this would be the case if the Knicks fell -- probably even if they didn't -- but here it is from people who know things (and one who decides things, although I'm honestly not sure which is which):

Of course, there's also:

I don't really understand the first thing, but whatever.

The point is there will definitely be guys on the board the Knicks like, but there will also be opportunities to trade. There aren't obvious trade partners vis a vis this year's draft picks, but trading for a pick this year and a future pick is a possibility, as is trading for a pick and a player. The Knicks can NOT trade their pick before the draft without getting a pick in return. They can, however, deal the *player* they select after the draft.

Me? I hope they look around, because that's what good teams do, but I think I'd like them to stay put. I'm assuming Jahlil Okafor and Karl-Anthony Towns will be gone, but I feel great about D'Angelo Russell, I feel great about Justise Winslow, I like Stanley Johnson, I know the Knicks like Emmanuel Mudiay (or do they prefer Winslow?), and I bet I could be talked into Willie Cauley-Stein or Mario Hezonja. There are ample options. Good ones.

The only thing that's certain now is the next month will be complicated and full of rumors. Next up is a whole mess o' workouts.