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Top 5 Knicks Stories of the Week

Some news and notes from the week that was.

What an interesting play you've drawn up.
What an interesting play you've drawn up.
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

1. Jared Dudley has been trying to raise his radio and television PER for a while now. This week he went on some type of crap and fired up some takes about Carmelo Anthony and some other professional NBA basketball individuals. This is news supposedly. Even less importantly than that, he rescinded this heated statement.

2. Mike Woodson had a chance to coach the Orlando Magic according to this article. That would have been funny. Instead of getting a jovial guy to make you better for a year or two, they got a scornful guy. I'm sure those defensive minded, offensively challenged youngsters would have loved Coach Woody's 8-minutes of isolation in the fourth quarters of winnable games. Oh well.

3. Speaking of assistant coaches who were hired to replace head coaches that were not hired by new front offices, Craig Hodges will be returning to the Westchester Knicks! He'll probably be an assistant again, after a short stint as interim head coach. He's basically the D-League Herb Williams.

4. Did you know that the Knicks are not in the NBA Finals? Frank Isola has the inside scoop.

5. Did you know that the Knicks need to bring in talented players to stand a chance? Marc Berman has the outside scoop. Heck of a week.