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Hey look, it's Karl-Anthony Towns talking about the Knicks

Robin Marchant/Getty Images

I've made a point of ignoring anything other than a clearly sourced rumor (which doesn't exist yet) about the Knicks' draft intentions, at least until the lottery happens. Like, I'm not throwing parties when I hear the Knicks like Karl-Anthony Towns best. Reports sketching out the Knicks' board for you don't have that much ground to stand on, since leaks seem pretty controlled and the rumors have shifted back and forth for months now. Nobody has any idea. Don't listen to anybody. It's better for your heart.

Emotionally, I've obeyed the above, and yet when Towns himself -- a guy who has very little control over the Knicks' draft -- even utters the word "Knicks," I feel like the prettiest girl at school knows my name. From the Post:

"It's his presence,'' Towns told The Post. "What he means to me, his presence is just amazing. What was so awesome as a coach, he made every player better and put them in the best position to succeed. He's just so smart and intelligent and has so much experience. He knows how to win. At the end of the day, what every player wants to do is win. If I have the opportunity to ever play for the Knicks, that's what I would love to do.''

That's Towns, who grew up a Knicks fan, responding to questions about Phil Jackson with platitudes, and here he is expressing the faintest fondness for the organization:

"Yeah, in this area growing up, you don't have the money to have the NBA League Pass, so you got the local teams,'' Towns said. "I always got a chance to watch the MSG channel and watch the Knicks play. I grew up to have a lot of respect for the Knicks.''

That's all. Just a smart prospect saying the things he's supposed to say. And yet I eat it up. After all this time and effort I've spent moderating my excitement, stupid shit like that has me flapping my arms and running circles around my cell.

So yeah, that's where I'm at. How are you feeling with the lottery now 3 Tuesdays away?