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Jose Calderon announces he'll sit out EuroBasket

Calderon won't suit up for the Spanish team this summer because of his Achilles injury.

Elsa/Getty Images

The Achilles injury that ended Jose Calderon's 2015 season with the Knicks is going to keep him out of EuroBasket competition with Spain this summer. Calderon announced Saturday in an interview (in Spanish) and a Twitter statement that he doesn't think he can be 100% in time to prepare for the tournament:

Two translated bits from that and the interview linked above:

"It's not a serious injury, but it could become one if it doesn't recover well."

"It's not an injury where you've broken something or you need an operation. It's an injury that takes time and progresses slowly. I have no pain, but I'm still not even running."

EuroBasket's in September, so one must wonder what kind of shape Calderon will be in when he reports to camp ... and whether that camp will be the Knicks'. He definitely has his next NBA season in mind with this decision.

No word yet on whether Andrea Bargnani or Alexey Shved will compete for Italy and Russia this summer, nor whether we'll get to see Louis Labeyrie suit up for France.