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This week, the Knicks will work out big men they could probably trade down to draft

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning! The Workout Tracker is updated, and it leaves us with a schedule looking something like this for this week:

Monday or Tuesday: Frank Kaminsky

Tuesday: Willie Cauley-Stein

Thursday: Kevon Looney

The newest thing here is that Looney's coming in on Thursday, via Ian Begley. Note that a workout date for Kaminsky has never been reported -- it's just known that he'll be in New York starting today, meeting with the Knicks and presumably doing basketball stuff for them at some point.

Also of note: Cauley-Stein is projected by Draft Express as the fifth pick, so perhaps the Knicks would grab him at 4 if they like him best. Kaminsky and Looney are both projected in the double-digits, so perhaps New York would swap their pick if they decided they want one of those dudes.

If you check the tracker, you'll see a number of second-round and undrafted-type guys have moved through Westchester over the last week or two. That's going on all the time. After this week, the list of lottery-type guys whose visits have leaked will include the three above, Stanley Johnson, Emmanuel Mudiay, Justise Winslow, and *not* Cameron Payne, who reportedly canceled a workout scheduled for this week.

Remember, the Knicks are being super secretive about their workouts this year. Information about who's coming in leaks sparsely, and any words about how guys performed at the training center will be sparse and agent-derived, if not absent entirely. Haven't heard a peep about Johnson's workout, for instance.