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The Knicks will work out Trey Lyles on Thursday

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Here's another one for the Workout Tracker *and* another name for the Week Of Big Men For Whom The Knicks Might Trade Down, Or Maybe Just Pick At 4 If They're Feeling Crazy:

Lyles, you'll remember, is a prospect with whom the Knicks are reportedly "enamored," according to Frank Isola, and that interest has been confirmed by others. (They've been reported to like pretty much everyone else they'd even consider drafting, so...)

A group workout appears to be shaping up, no? Either the Knicks are bringing Lyles, Kevon Looney, and Frank Kaminsky to Greenburgh in rapid succession on Thursday, or they're all gonna enter the gym together and fight to the death. Meanwhile, Willie Cauley-Stein got his own workout today, which makes some sense since Cauley-Stein seems like he'd cost the 4th pick while the others could likely be acquired with a lesser pick after a trade down -- at 12th, Kaminsky is projected the highest of the three by DX. (He's also the only one invited to the Erev Yom Workout dinner on Wednesday, as far as we've heard.)

Whatever the case may be, we'll continue to hear nothing. We'll just sit here and wait and wonder and pick our butts for 9 more days until it's draft night. On that note, back to butt-picking, everyone!