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D'Angelo Russell worked out for the Knicks last week

Godofredo Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

We've seen all along that the Knicks are being secretive with draft preparation this year, and that all information about or from player workouts comes in the form of leaks. Well, here's something that took a while to leak:

Before D'Angelo Russell canceled a meeting with the Sixers last weekend, raising eyebrows, the Ohio State guard quietly worked out for the Knicks on June 11 in Westchester, The Post has learned.

Russell, after the Knicks meeting, didn't show up for the Sixers workout reportedly because he got sick. But he was back East Wednesday to work out for the forever-rebuilding Philly franchise, which may hold the key to Phil Jackson's draft fortunes.

Russell's date has been added to the workout tracker, and you can see now the Knicks had a bit of a run on guards and wings last week, while this week has been all about bigs, culminating in today's trio of latter-projected power forwards.

There is, of course, no word on how the Knicks felt about that workout, but Russell's natural fit/excellence and those rumors about New York considering a trade-down if he and/or Jahlil Okafor aren't available lead one to believe they really covet the guy. The Sixers, who've surely put everyone on edge by leaking that they really want Kristaps Porzingis, seem to have the strongest momentum in this game of chicken with all the uncertain lottery teams beneath them. Unless the Wolves and Lakers are about to get weird, it feels like Philadelphia gets to push the draft's first domino. Having the third pick helps with that!

I can't wait until this is over. I'm ready to have a new player (new players) on the Knicks. I just want to know who.