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The Knicks aren't working out just lottery guys

Pre-draft workouts bring in all sorts of players.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Though this year's Knicks workouts will differ from previous years' -- more secretive, less clearly defined -- we're doing our best to keep track of who's visiting Westchester over the next 3 weeks. Joe noted yesterday that Emmanuel Mudiay will give the Knicks a private workout soon, and also had some stuff from the group workout involving several lottery guys (most of whom will probably see the Knicks individually or head-to-head).

There's no new lottery-type workout news today -- the closest you'll get is Kristaps Porzingis saying it would be "amazing" to play in New York, but there has been some stuff the last few days from the deeper end of the prospect pool. The Knicks do not own a second-rounder, but they may acquire one, and there's always Summer League. With that in mind, they're bringing in all sorts of characters:

And via the Coloradoan:

J.J. Avila is making up for lost time after missing out on an invitation to the NBA draft combine.

Avila, a 6-foot-8, 250-pound forward who led CSU in scoring last season, told me Monday night that he's in Houston for a pre-draft workout with the Rockets. This is his second workout with an NBA team, previously showing off his game for the Denver Nuggets last week.

After Houston, Avila will jump on a plane and head east with a pre-draft workout with the New York Knicks on Thursday followed by a trip to Philadelphia for the 76ers to see him Friday.

So, that's a senior Duke guard, a Dominican forward who played at Westchester Community College, and a senior Colorado State big man who was previously in the Navy and chopping wood -- all of whom are projected to go undrafted. Basically, draft workouts aren't just geared toward that number 4 pick. It's an opportunity to give all sorts of dudes a look with all sorts of outcomes -- second-round, Summer League, training camp, D-League, or just making contact -- in mind. Again, we'll do our best to keep track of these as they come since the Knicks don't appear to be quite as forthcoming with the information this offseason.