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Begley: Pistons interested in Tim Hardaway, have talked trade with Knicks

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Buried within yet another semi-depressing "Knicks worked out a late-first-projected power forward they could maybe trade down for" pieces -- this time it's UCLA's Kevon Looney -- ESPN New York's Ian Begley dropped one of juiciest, most intriguing trade nuggets of the summer thus far:

If you're looking for any clues regarding potential draft-night trades, here's one: the Detroit Pistons are said to have interest in trading for Tim Hardaway Jr. and have tried to engage the Knicks on a deal, per league sources.

Hooo boy. I've been firmly on the "trade Hardaway" bandwagon for a while now. To his credit, he did bulk up during the previous offseason and work to improve his passing during 2014-15. But his three-point shooting dropped off a cliff, and wild season-to-season swings in three-point percentage have actually been a problem for him since college (He shot 28.6% from three as a sophomore). His career three-point percentage (35.2%) is basically the same as Langston Galloway's rookie mark (35.1%). If the Knicks want to improve their defense, Hardaway needs to go.

So what do the Pistons have to trade? Begley mentions their desire to rid themselves of Brandon Jennings, who is injured, not very good, and in the final year of a deal that will pay him $8.3 million next year. They also have a prospect I really like in Spencer Dinwiddie, a 6'6" point guard who bounced between the big club and D-League last season as a rookie. As far as future drafts, they control all their own picks moving forward, except their 2017 and 2019 second-rounders.

So what do you think, ladies and germs? Do you want to move Hardaway? Would you take on Jennings with a sweetener tossed in? What's the best deal the Knicks could make?