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Phil Jackson: "5 percent" chance the Knicks trade their pick

I like those odds!

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Phil Jackson spoke to the assembled New York press corps on Tuesday afternoon to talk the draft, Carmelo Anthony, and the process of building a contending team.

- Let's get down to brass tacks: Phil is still great, according to Phil.

- In good news (for us), Phil doesn't sound like he plans on trading the No. 4 overall pick. In other good news (for Phil), he apparently has no idea how much commoners pay in taxes:

It's good to be the Zen Master.

- Remember those reports of a private Kristaps Porzingis workout? That didn't go through as planned, apparently:

Kristaps gets cramps, LeBron gets cramps...are you sensing a pattern here?

- In a statement that comes as no surprise, the Knicks will be looking to buy their way back into the second round:

- DeMarcus Cousins is the story of the NBA, so it's only natural that the press ask about him. Sadly, it doesn't sound like Boogie is coming to New York:

- Hey, the Knicks also have a pretty good player by the name of Carmelo Anthony. How's he doing?

Watching people work out? Sounds like a pervert to me.

- In perhaps the biggest piece of non-draft news, Phil believes finding the right center is the key to moving Carmelo Anthony back to power forward:

- Finally, let us end with Frank Isola, who was so excited to get out his typical snarky Phil-bashing tweet that he completely forgot how English grammar is supposed to work:

Phil will finished to talk soon. I must tweeting this immediately! I is professional writer!

Ah, New York. It's a hell of a town. Two more days until the draft, people.