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Derek Fisher protects prospect from flying brownies and other media day notes

Good for you, Fish!

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Scores of NBA draft prospects held press conferences in New York Wednesday afternoon in preparation for Thursday's main event. As expected, they had some quality anecdotes about restaurant patrons throwing brownies at members of the New York Knicks:

Once again, head coach Derek Fisher proves that you don't win five rings without learning how to take charge of a situation.

Some other, non-brownie-related notes:

- As you may have heard, Kristaps Porzingis is from Latvia. I know very little about the former Soviet republic, but I'm starting to question their exposure to recent NBA history:

- Croatian prospect Mario Hezonja is known for his cockiness, but this is just too much:

(Note: that quote may not be accurate)

- Emmanuel Mudiay doesn't know whether the Knicks will select him with the fourth pick...and if he did know he'd have to tell us those are the rules dammit!

- Trey Lyles thinks he can be an asset to the Knicks; his teammates think he'll be a Knick:

- D'Angelo Russell talked about playing with Carmelo Anthony:

Just FYI, Mr. Beck: referring to Russell as a player "Knicks fans would love to get" is just cruel at this point.

- Willie Cauley-Stein waxed philosophical on what it would mean to turn around the Knicks:

I agree with WCS on this point -- one of the big selling points of playing for the Knicks is the fantasy of becoming a Mark Messier-like cult figure by finally bringing a title back to MSG.

- Finally, let us conclude with the soothing images of Phil and Frank watching Triangle film:

The draft is tomorrow. Get excited!