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2015 NBA Draft: Everything you want to know about the Knicks' draft night

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I woke up 20 minutes before my alarm this morning and I feel like my blood is sizzling, so it must be draft day. The Knicks are going to add basketball players today, and I'm so excited I can't sit still. To get you fully in the draft mindset, here's everything you need to know and everything you might like to read before tonight.

How do I watch the NBA Draft?

The broadcast starts tonight at 7 PM on ESPN. Watch that. Or go to Barclays Center and have a ticket. I will not be there. I'll be at the SB Nation office in Manhattan, watching on TV and screaming.

Who might the Knicks draft with the 4th pick?

No one knows. It's amazing the degree to which no one knows. Name any player projected to go anywhere near the Knicks' pick and I can show you a good reporter suggesting New York has at least strongly considered that guy. Chad Ford has put damn near everyone on the Knicks. DX's mock draft has changed several times in the last week or two, including late last night.

Phil Jackson, for what it's worth (possibly nothing!), says the Knicks have three guys in mind. If none of those three are available...

Will the Knicks trade their pick?

Nobody has suggested the Knicks might trade up. A lot of people have said they're thinking about trading down. Phil himself gave that possibility low odds, but he may be full of shit.

Surely, the Knicks have some contingencies in place if they don't feel they'll get the best value out of the 4th pick. Based on rumors, those contingencies would appear to be trading down for the 7th pick and a Nugget or trading down for the 13th pick and Eric Bledsoe. There are more unreported options.

If they do go low -- and there are surely other options to do so -- a lot of people say the Knicks would target Wisconsin's Frank Kaminsky (who might be unavailable below 9) or Kentucky'sTrey Lyles.

Can I look at some draft profiles?

Sure! To begin with DX has everything on everyoneDavid Locke's video breakdowns are also very good. Our SB Nation friends have profiled almost everybody. We at P&T wrote up some of the guys we think the Knicks have considered. Here are this season's KTPs:

Justise Winslow

Stanley Johnson

Cameron Payne

Mario Hezonja

A really jacked kangaroo

Kristaps Porzingis

Trey Lyles

Frank Kaminsky

D'Angelo Russell

Emmanuel Mudiay

Who have the Knicks worked out?

Most of the guys above, plus a few lottery guys we didn't get to, plus dozens of dudes who will probably go undrafted (for Summer League try-outs, probably.)

Where is Mauritius?

In the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar.

How do I find out what the Knicks are doing as quickly as possible?

Well, I'll try to get updates posted here very fast, but reporters like Adrian WojnarowskiMarc Stein, and Ken Berger often announce picks well before they happen in real life. And they'll be waaaaay ahead of the broadcast on any trades.

What will P&T be like during the draft?

We'll have a thread up for watching the draft, and we'll have new posts up as promptly as possible for each major rumor this afternoon and each actual move this evening. It'll be kinda nuts.

There's also plenty of stuff going on around SB Nation tonight, including a live show!