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The Knicks are trading Tim Hardaway Jr. for the 19th pick, Jerian Grant

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Holy crap:

More on this to come, probably, but OH MAN, would that be a coup. Jerian Grant is a big, talented, experienced guard who can do all kinds of things. I don't know him that well beyond watching him in the tournament, but I like him at 19, and I like him a LOT better than Tim Hardaway Jr. I would have been happy trading Hardaway for the 60th pick, for real. This feels like an excellent trade right now. More to come?

The Hawks, I assume, did this because they want to save a little bit of money and Grant's 19th selection slots him into a slightly higher pick than Hardaway was. This is the kind of situation you should exploit on when you're below the cap like the Knicks are, and it's a nice little surprise to see this front office pouncing ond raft night.

Read more about Grant here and here. Or just watch this: