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2015 NBA Free Agency: Knicks prioritizing Aldridge and Jordan, "frontrunners" for Monroe and Afflalo

Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

So, to start: It is June 29. No one's met with anyone or talked money yet. Everything is preliminary. But here's some early direction:

Monroe's been rumored as Knicks target #1 -- and perhaps vice-versa -- for a long time, but recent reports have him strongly considering other teams. He'll meet with a bunch of teams, of course. I'm curious who's leaking something like this right now -- agents? The Knicks? Melo's people gunning for teammates?

I mention that last thing because of this bit at the end of Chris Broussard's report saying LaMarcus Aldridge (good luck) and DeAndre Jordan (good luck, probably) will be the Knicks' primary meetings as they visit the west coast this week:

Knicks star Carmelo Anthony has already called both players, as well as Greg Monroe and Arron Afflalo, sources said. The Knicks will also meet with Monroe this week and eventually Wesley Matthews.

Same guys! So perhaps this is Melo getting his wish list out there. I have no idea.

Anyway, you can add all those names to these names. We'll think harder about who actually fits and at what price once things start getting more individually detailed later this week and beyond. One thing that will immediately be interesting is the duration of the contracts these guys are looking for. Monroe, for one, is reportedly looking to take a two-year contract so he can hop back into free agency, and that might also be true of ... well, pretty much everyone.

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