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2015 NBA Free Agency: Knicks want to meet with Danny Green

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

We have a sense of whom the Knicks are gonna be meeting out west when the clock strikes to-morrow. Not among those names: Danny Green, one of my favorite semi-feasible free agent possibilities, who, it sounds like, is flying home from Brazil on Saturday. Phil and friends will be sniffing around his doorjamb when he's back, and hope to get a meeting. It sounds like that could happen:

The Knicks are trying to arrange a meeting with the 28-year-old Green, who won't be back from his Brazilian vacation until Wednesday.

According to a source, Green, who is from North Babylon, considers the Knicks high on his list but remaining with the Spurs, where he helped win the 2014 title, is his top choice.

(Berman also mentions Tobias Harris because he is also from Long Island. He's restricted with the Magic. If they're letting him walk, he's another interesting possibility.)

If you want Green like I do, watch the Spurs. They're gonna be meeting LaMarcus Aldridge soon (many hours before the Knicks do the same), and since San Antonio's pitch is pretty much ...

[Pop, Tony, Manu, and Tim dump a sack of rings onto table. It takes literally 6 seconds for the bag to empty.]

... they might actually have a chance there. If Aldridge is on board, it gets near-impossible for them to retain everyone else, and there's a decent chance Green is the one to go.

Mere hours 'til this stuff gets real. We'll do our very best to separate the fleeting rumor farts rom the solid chunks of news.