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Justise Winslow will work out for the Knicks on Monday, Emmanuel Mudiay on Tuesday

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The news is all pouring in today! Not long after we heard the Knicks will bring Willie Cauley-Stein in for a look on June 16, we got word that Emmanuel Mudiay will be in Westchester much sooner. That report was slightly inaccurate, but now we've got clarification and news of yet another visit. Monday is in fact reserved for Justise Winslow, who gets Woj's "examining closely" designation:

And then Mudiay comes in the following day after a trip to...Clyde's Wine and Dine? American Cut? Anyway:

It seemed initially like this would be a head-to-head big guard cage match, but just individuals for now. With such a high pick and relatively few dudes consider, there will likely be call-backs and maybe one-on-one workouts. So, the schedule now is:

6/8: Winslow

6/9: Mudiay

6/16: Cauley-Stein

6/25: The Draft