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2015 NBA Free Agency: Knicks start by meeting with Greg Monroe

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Here I was thinking the Knicks had their whole traveling circus in Los Angeles right now, but they -- or at least some of them -- are actually in Washington, D.C. to kick things off. The man in the middle of most New York rumors is hearing their pitch:

Of all the rumors, this is the one that's been called close to a "done deal" for months now, so we'll see if the Knicks reach an agreement with Monroe before the sun rises, or if one party or the other is going to wait.

The Knicks, interestingly are moving on to slightly bigger fish after Monroe, heading to Los Angeles to meet with DeAndre Jordan and LaMarcus Aldridge sometime between now and mid-Thursday. It's like they're applying to their safety school early-action.

Meanwhile, here's one supposed Knicks target out of the pool already:

Or maybe Aminu Al-Farouq is a different player than the one I'm thinking of.